Our Sires

The best and the brightest boys.


Fat Daddy x Jenny

Height: 13"

Weight: 16lbs. 15oz.

Length: 17"

Sig is a Dogs Dog he is the largest of all the males and walks tall when he is in the yard.  He is an Gemini, or at least that's what he tells the girls.


Big Daddy x Hot Mama

Height: 11 3/4

Weight: 15lbs. 9oz.

Length: 15 3/4"

Rock is the ever romantic Taurus. He is quiet with a thoughtful perspective on life. The favorite among all the girls for his winning personality.


Big Daddy x Hot Mama

Height: 11 1/2"

Weight: 13lbs. 11oz.

Length: 15 1/2"

Knox likes long walks on the leash, especially with a female companion. He is very easy to please, happy to just sit on the couch and chill.

Our Dames

The sweetest and the prettiest girls .


Good Boy x Bad Mommy

Height: 9 1/2"

Weight: 11lbs. 14oz.

Length: 12"

Tikka aka. "Tiny Tikka" is small in size but huge in personality. She loves to walk around on two feet and jump high.


Good Boy x Bad Mommy

Height: 11 1/4"

Weight: 12lbs. 7oz.

Length: 14 1/2"

Lily is a calm relaxed soul.  She loves to cuddle in her little bed and snuggle with her stuffed animals.


Good Boy x Bad Mommy


Weight: 13lbs. 8oz.


Grace is not a dog she is a person (just ask her).  She is the first to talk back when asking the dogs a question.  By far the biggest personality.


Good Boy x Bad Mommy

Height: 10 1/2'

Weight: 12 lbs. 8oz.

Length: 14 1/4"

Daisy loves to play fetch. She is very competitive, always has to win every game.  She strives to be the fastest and most agile of the group.


Good Boy x Bad Mommy

Height: 11 1/2'

Weight: 14lbs. 13oz.

Length: 15"

Bella is a love bug. She is never far away, always the first and last for petting.


Good Boy x Bad Mommy

Height:10 3/4'

Weight: 13lbs. 1oz.

Length: 13 3/4"

Astra is the mommy of group. She is a mommy through and through. She keeps all the dogs in line. If a puppy needs an adoptive mommy she is our go to girl.