Our Westie Story

As a mom of eight and the wife of the most patient man in the world it would seems that life is complete. However we found it wasn't. As my children were growing I thought about my childhood and how loving and caring for animals was a big part of who I became. I wanted that for my children but, alas my husband and one of my children are allergic to most animals.

So the research began......

I spent countless hours researching about hypoallergenic dog breeds. I knew I was looking for a breed that would not be aggressive, could do well in the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains(as we spend time in both), one that didn't bark constantly, a breed that would be sturdy enough to handle the life of living with eight children, and most of all something small enough to not be knocking over the small children.

Then low and behold I came across information about West Highland Terriers. Wow practically perfect in every way. This was the perfect breed it was everything I had been looking for. Now finding a Westie was another story. Alas eventually we did, but it required my sweet husband to travel to the East coast two separate occasions in order to retrieve them for me. Each trip taking over a week to drive cross county with our sweet new bundles of joy. 

another piece of my heart..

Now our lives were whole......

My children have been learning the importance of caring for Heavenly Fathers animals. To feed another before themselves. Most importantly they have experienced the unconditional love that a dog gives you.  

Fast Forward, Now with eight children, five grandchildren and and a house full of little white dogs, 

we are good. 

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